Meet Ashleigh Boutelle

I have always loved making art. In college, I spent a LONG time getting two bachelors degrees (Art Ed and Fine Art) because I enjoyed being immersed in that creative environment.

As time has gone by, I have collected about 100 gnomes of my own and have discovered that they sometimes need to be re-painted – especially if they’re outdoors. And…that’s what led to this crazy idea. I don’t often like the gnomes I see for sale. I usually end up re-painting them right after I buy them.

My gnomes are hand-painted from top to bottom. Each one is unique. Each one takes about 6 hours to paint. I take pride in every detail. My hope is to capture that magical feeling the gnomes give me with each one I paint – and to provide a high-quality end product.

Custom requests are definitely welcome!

About the Gnomes

Hand painted gnomes based on traditional styles with some modern details thrown in.

Garden gnomes are a centuries old tradition and are known to bring good luck. They are found in the folklore of many different countries. To me, they represent a simpler way of life; reminding us that nature is still all around us if we stop and appreciate it.

I started collecting gnomes many years ago and shortly thereafter I started re-painting those gnomes. Either they faded from being outdoors or they weren’t painted well from the start. I decided recently to take my hobby and try to sell some gnomes.

I try to maintain a traditional look with my gnomes, mixed with a a few modern sensibilities. I also take custom orders and requests.

Thank you for taking a moment to look at my shop.